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Jordan Crawford

Jordan Crawford


JordsWoodShop is run by Jordan Crawford, a 24 year old woodworker based in Perth, Western Australia.


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Onward and Upwards – New workshop for 2016

As many of you know I’m about to hit the road for a month with my theatre work as┬áthe stage technician for David Strassman the ventriloquist while this is pretty exciting news the realy exciting thing is upon my return in December I will picking up the keys for my brand new workshop and getting ready to take things to the next level. The works space itself isn’t huge at 109sqm (1173sqft) but it is a lot more space then I have currently and with a bit of careful setup it will be a very comfortable space to work from. The unit has nice high ceilings at about 5.5 meters (18ft) so will be able to store things up high, its got loads of natural light through the sun roof and east facing windows and its plenty of power for all my tools and machines. While its not as big as my old warehouse my work has changed directions a little bit and dont feel that I require as much space this time around.   In the new year I will be returning to a weekly video format which I know some of you will be happy about and as we setup shop we will have plenty of new “shop storage videos” as this time around I will be chucking a bit of money into setting up shop before I try and do anything else. That means storage, storage and storage. So while things will be a bit quiet for the next month or so while I’m on the road there is plenty of exciting stuff just around the...

Building my first wooden Surfboard (Hollow core wooden surfboard)

In this “teaser” I show you a very quick look at my latest project, a hollow core wooden surfboard. The board is made from Western Red Cedar and Paulownia with the skeleton being made out of 4mm marine ply for the ribs and 9mm marine ply for the spine. Full DIY kits will be on sale from January 2016 if your interested in making your very own wooden surfboard....


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