22″ Shop Made Disc Sander – Progress

22″ Shop Made Disc Sander – Progress

What do you do when you have a lathe that you don’t like, a 550mm diameter (22″) aluminium disc and a whole heap of scrap MDF?

Well one option is to make yourself a disc sander.

I had been thinking about making a disc sander for a while now but when one of my friends asked if I would like a couple of aluminium discs he had stored in his shed, I knew I had to get off my butt and actually make one!

The original plan was to use an old motor I had laying about, but when I looked into it I decided it was going to be too much work as the motor needed a full overhaul and I scrapped that idea.

Plan B was to make my (not quite but close to) useless lathe into something useful, and that’s what you can see bellow.

So after day one the unit is ready for the finishing touches such as gap filling, paint and a solid stand.

I’m really happy with my sander so far, and with the decision to use the lathes headstock came the ability of variable speed for the sanding disc, meaning  I can use the one disc for anything from rapid stock removal to fine sanding to a line and not have to change out grits.

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