A Slight Change Of Plan – JWS is not quite closing

The Change Of Plans

Well in my last update I stated that I would be closing jordswoodshop.com down come mid November and as you can see it’s still here!

After that announcement I got countless emails from people asking if it was at all possible to keep the website live and I even got several offers from people offering to either pay for the hosting or to host the site on their own servers.

Well after a bit of thinking I decided to renew my hosting and as you can see www.JordsWoodShop.com is still live and that’s the way its going to stay (for the new few years anyway!)

The Good News

Well its a bit sad to think but as of yesterday I am now completely out of my workshop and the new tenants are getting ready to move in(oh did I mention I found some tenants to take over my lease?) and that means its time for my to start thinking about how I’m going to set up my new “mini” workshop.

Being in a relatively small 8mx3m (26ft x 9ft) working space with a 12m x 2.5m (39ft x 8ft) storage space has got me thinking about what machinery I need to do the job but also what machines would help in me doing to job better and I have narrowed it down to this relatively small list.

  • 17″ Bandsaw
  • Solid top roubo
  • Router Table
  • Compound Miter saw
  • Combination Thicknesser/Jointer

Now you will notice there is still no table saw on that list, and for now thats the way its going to stay. That said however there is still a possibility of getting on in the future if I find it too difficult to cope without it!

The Videos

There will be more videos coming just as soon as I have something to share, currently I’m waiting on a nice level slab to be poured so once that is done I can start to frame the two missing walls, run power and install lighting so I finally start getting my equipment in position and start making things again!

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