Around The Web #1

Welcome to the first “Around The Web” blog post, here I plan to share with you guys everything I have been watching, reading or learning about over the last week.

This week I’ve been introduced to a new YouTube channel that I think is worth mentioning called Get Hands Dirty

There is currently only one video on making a router jig for flattening workpieces but it is really well put together and very enjoyable.


This week there has  also been another channel that has grabbed my attention and that is GuysWoodShop, while it’s not exactly a new channel its new to me and I’m really enjoying everything he has put out so far. Currently he is working on a small secretary desk with tambour door, and up to this point I have enjoyed every video he has put out.

check out the latest video here:


The last thing I want to share with you is the Facebook page of BLANK furniture.
BLANK is a small furniture making company based in Japan and they produce fine furniture with some of the nicest workmanship I have ever seen! I have literally spent hours looking studying their photos trying to figure out how on earth they made these pieces.

Check out their Facebook page here:

Blank Furniture

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