Tool Box / Tackle Box – The next JWS project

Tool Box / Tackle Box – The next JWS project

Well I’m pretty excited about this next project build, not only because I’m keen to start creating content for the website again, but also because I think its going to be a project that a lot of you guys and gals will be keen to try!

You’ll be glad to know I will be going into quite a few details with this build from preparing your timber, cutting the joinery, creating curves and making your own hinges, but on top of all those lovely things I will also be showing you a bunch of alternative methods for making this box, so if you have a limited tool set you will still be able to go off and make one for yourself!

Like all JWS project builds there will be plans available and I can honestly say I have really been pushing my sketchup skills to the next level and these plans will be the most detailed set to date!

Anyway thats all for now, I better get back to these plans.



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