How to make a sharpening station / How to make a simple desk

In this video I show you how I made my new sharpening station in just 4 hours.

I built the table using blackbutt for the base, MDF for the bench top and the joinery I used was festool dominoes but you could easily substitute the dominoes for pocket screws or dowels.

This is a easy one day project and can be done with very little planning and very little supplies.

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  1. Looks good but in uk our big box stores often have off cuts of 600mm deep x 40mm thick roll edged Formica covered kitchen worktop so I get that whenever I can as it is much more moisture tolerant and durable for tool cabinet worktops.

  2. I enjoy your work. How often are you planning on updating with new videos or blogs? I thought you were going to update weekly. Seems like it is about six week(s)ly.


    • Thanks Dwain, I still plan for new posts every week, however I do go away every couple of months for a month at a time for my touring work and posts will become less frequent.

      I failed to update everyone on my movements on my last tour but I plan to keep doing one new post each week im away next time.

      • Thanks for the feedback Jord, I really enjoy your work, way out here in Arizona, US. I look forward to your new videos and I’m glad to see you are back in a full sized shop! Good luck!


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