The new toy has landed – MiniMax FS30 Classic

The new toy has landed – MiniMax FS30 Classic

MiniMax FS30 ClassicIts been in the works for a while but as of this morning my new MiniMax FS30 Classic has finally landed in my new downsized workshop and its just what the doctor ordered.

A large capacity surface planer/thicknesser  with a small foot print that doesn’t take up half the shop which produces super accurate and fine results.

First impressions.

There isn’t much I can say about this machine other then WOW. With out turning this quick blog post into a full MiniMax FS30 Classicblown review I’m just going to say this.

This thing is build like a rock, everything about it is just, solid.
Assembly was a breeze with very little tuning required. The planing tables where perfectly level and coplaner with one another and all I had to do to finish assembling the machine was install the knives (which is a breeze with the Tersa cutter block!) chuck the blade guard on and drop the fence onto the rail and away we were.



Getting it home.

MiniMax FS30 ClassicGetting it home was a straight forward task, hook up the trailer, go to the show room and get the forklift to drop it on.

Getting it off the trailer and into the workshop… Now thats the tricky bit, but with the right tools it doesn’t need to be.

On my first workshop move I invested in a 1.2 tonne engine crane to help with moving all my machines around while working alone, and I can honestly say that this has been one of the best bits of “workshop equipment” I have purchased to date.

MiniMax FS30 ClassicWith the aid of the engine crane and a few heavy duty straps/slings I managed to get the machine off the trailer and onto the dolly in no time.

What now?

I think its about time I start getting into making some projects again.
I have quite a few ideas but I think my first project has got to be the entry doors to my workshop… My makeshift moving blanket door is not really up to the task (surprisingly).

I have also got a whole heap of videos that Im working on for the guys at I Wood Like featuring this machine that im excited to get into.

But even more importantly then that, Im just going to be sitting back and enjoying a small christmas break with the family and catching up on some lost time.


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  1. A nice looking unit indeed! I will be interested to see your new workflow using this machine.

  2. Good work mate, hope your new year has started off well. cant wait to tune into more videos. keep up the great work.

  3. I’ve got exactly the same for one year and I love this tool!

  4. I’ve got exactly the same for one year and I love this tool!



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