Tool Box Update – Prototyping

Tool Box Update – Prototyping

If you saw my last blog post you would be aware the next video project is going to be a pretty neat looking tool box with custom made hinges and some pretty cool curves. 

Now I’m doing something I don’t usually do with my project videos and that is building a “prototype” before I begin shooting the project. By doing this I should be able to work out any of the kinks that may arise and alter the plans accordingly.  Todays work on the prototype was pretty light on as I’m currently working on set of commissioned bench seats but it was still a start and Im already thinking of improvements that could be made for the final build.

Tomorrow I should be able to get a start on making the custom hinges, creating the curved lid and hopefully even get the handle made… That is if my local woodworking store has the router bits I need to do so!

Thats it for today.


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